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Penthouse & Villa Trixy


Jl. Dago Golf 3, Cigadung Raya, Bandung 40191, West Java Indonesia

Penthouse & Villa Trixy

The Villa


  1.  Surounded by Montain and bandung city view  and the mountain 

  2.  10 minutes to beautiful hill dago pakar 

  3.  Outdoor shower,  private pool and hot tub

  4.  LED, wifi, breakfast, wellcome drink

Culinary Near trixy

The Villa



  •  Surounded by Montain and bandung city view  and the mountain 

  •  10 minutes to beautiful hill dago pakar 

  •  Outdoor shower,  private pool and hot tub

  •  LED, wifi, breakfast, wellcome drink




Congo Café and Gallery is located at Jl. Rancakendal Luhur No. 8, Dago Pakar. In this place you not only can enjoy the food which is certainly tempting, but also enjoy the art gallery are made from antique wood, such as teak and other timber species. Culinary attractions is quite large with a parking space is also quite extensive. For visitors who arrive by private vehicle, the vehicle can be parked securely and for free.

Presenting food menus are tempting, does not mean high prices menarifkan managing each menu. Menu provided in the dining area are priced from a starting price of Rp. 15,000. for visitors who want to enjoy the natural atmosphere and the food was delicious, Congo Café and Gallery is open every day at pkl 10.00 to 23.00 pm.


Culinary Near trixy



Congo Café and Gallery is located at Jl. Rancakendal Luhur No. 8, Dago Pakar. In this place you not only can enjoy the food which is certainly tempting, but also enjoy the art gallery are made from antique wood, such as teak and other timber species. Culinary attractions is quite large with a parking space is also quite extensive. For visitors who arrive by private vehicle, the vehicle can be parked securely and for free.

Presenting food menus are tempting, does not mean high prices menarifkan managing each menu. Menu provided in the dining area are priced from a starting price of Rp. 15,000. for visitors who want to enjoy the natural atmosphere and the food was delicious, Congo Café and Gallery is open every day at pkl 10.00 to 23.00 pm.




Boemi Joglo is a place to eat that is ideal for those who want to enjoy the traditional atmosphere and natural. In Boemi Joglo, visitors are required to climb some stairs to reach the place to eat.

When it reaches its place, you will be given the option to be able to enjoy the food menu typical of West Java. You can choose to eat in the hut, inside homes, tents umbrella, or it could be on the balcony. All these places are very convenient to use. You can also directly enjoy Bandung from this place.

For the meal, the menu presented was not far from the concept of decoration Boemi Joglo, which is typical of West Java and traditional. There liwet rice served in a variety with a distinctive scent of rice liwet appetizing.

In addition, there is also a tasty satay maranggi and wagged his tongue. Visitors do not have to worry about the price, at this meal, the food menu is priced from US $ 20,000 starting price for heavy meals, Rp 1,500 for a light meal or snack, and Rp 3,500 for the drinks menu.

For those of you who want to try to come and enjoy the atmosphere and delight culinary in Bandung, can come to Jl. Rancakendal Luhur No. 17, Dago Pakar Bdng




Coffee Ireng is a paradise for lovers of coffee . It provides a wide range of coffee served by a reliable coffee peracik , named Karneli Sadikin . Of course , for coffee lovers , the name Karneli Sadikin already familiar as an expert dispensing coffee .

Menu In Coffee Ireng Not just coffee , no food menus as well that you can try in this culinary attractions . Ranging from snack foods to heavy food menu is available in Coffee Ireng . For those of you who want to taste the coffee with the natural atmosphere and stunning views of Bandung , visit these culinary attractions at Jl . Bukit Pakar Timur No. 1 , Dago Pakar , Bandung .




Stone café is one of the restaurants located in Dago Pakar, Bandung. Restaurant that brings the concept presents a classic European village atmosphere that is pleasant for visitors. Many times stones adorn the walls of the cafe. This makes the café manager gave the name "stone" in the café.

Located on Jl. Rancakendal Luhur No. 5, Dago Pakar Bandung, Stone Café indeed provide an atmosphere relaxed, comfortable, and natural to the visitors. In this cafe, visitors can choose where to enjoy the food served.

Visitors can enjoy a meal in the room, in large gazebo which is the main building consists of three floors. There is also a small gazebos located outside the main building (outdoor) with a concept lesehan equipped with pillow-small bahtal for visitors.

For menu options, visitors can enjoy a variety of menu options, from the main menu, menu companion, to drink. The price is quite affordable, for a range of food prices starting from Rp 35,000 to Rp. 100,000, while for drinks, priced starting at USD 10,000.




The Valley Bistro Café is a restaurant at the same inn visited by many foreign and local tourists. Located at Jl. Valley Pakar Timur No. 28, The Valley Bistro Café stands as an inn which is equipped with 37 deluxe rooms and 5 exclusive villas, as well as a choice of two restaurant, Bistro Café and Suki Garden.

The restaurant provides a wide selection of food menus, both international and local food is certainly much favored by visitors. Menu options, such as menus steak, cream soup, satay, processed meat, and so became a favorite of many visitors. The food menu can be enjoyed with a starting price of USD rate. 30,000.

Not only in terms of food, this restaurant also many travelers love. Sights and options are provided also be an excess of a restaurant located in Dago Pakar. Visitors can choose, outdoor and indoor equally give a romantic feel and natural.

For visitors who want to enjoy a natural feel and a romantic in The Valley Bistro Cafe, do not need to worry about the road. This place can be reached by private vehicle with ease. Visitors need only follow directions to Terminal Dago then proceed again to Jl. Kanayakan or Bukit Pakar Timur. From the street, visitors can easily reach The Valley Bistro Café Bandung. Visitors can also book a place or a booking on the telephone line (022) 253 1052.




Need reference Bandung romantic and culinary experience? Lisung Café answer. Lisung Café is a restaurant with the feel of nature located at Jl. Dago Pakar Timur No. 111, Bandung. Most of the visitors at this cafe a young couple. But, that does not mean the place is just for lovers. Many also make this place as a place to eat with family, friends, or colleagues though.

For additional information, Lisung is a common tool used for pounding rice. A pair of these tools work with each other, meaning that if there is no one tool that the tool can not be used. This is the symbol of this cafe which makes many couples visit the place.

To add to the romantic atmosphere and warm, Lisung Café provides a variety of menus are certainly tempting. A variety of foods, ranging from western menu, traditional menu, or a combination of both much favored by visitors. The price is quite affordable, the food menu is available in this place priced starting from Rp. 20,000.

The unique of this eating place other than the place is the place Lovelock. Lovelock in Lisung Café is not inferior to Lovelock located in Paris, Cologne, Prague, Seoul, or where other Lovelock. Lisung Lovelock Café also provides a fascinating and much favored visitors.

If elsewhere Lovelock symbolized by the padlock without a key then in Lisung Café are kelotok cows or cow bells tied around the neck which there could be a lock. In kelotok the visitor can write his name with a partner with a padlock into a binder.


7. Rumah Payung Caffe & Resto


One more place that also gives a romantic feel to the visitor, which Umbrella House Café and Resto. Here, visitors are treated with natural atmosphere certainly adds a romantic feel which is more than just a candle light dinner or red roses, the symbol of romance.

There are two options that visitors can choose to enjoy a meal booked, ie indoor or outdoor. In this place visitors can enjoy joglo-joglo available in several places in the area of ​​the restaurant.

Not only as a complement, joglo-joglo can also be purchased, because the joglo made with knockdown system or disassembly, so that when there are visitors who want to have, this joglo can be purchased at the manager.

For menu options, café this one provide a good service to its visitors. There are many menu options provided by the manager of this restaurant, from a menu of western, traditional, until a combination of both. The price is quite affordable, for the appetizer menu, prices at the official start of Rp 4,000, for the main course is priced starting from Rp 11,000, baverages priced starting from Rp 4,000, and for dessert itself, ranging from Rp 13,000.

Intrigued by this one place? Please visit the Umbrella House Café and resto on Jl address. Canal Ranca Kendal No. 99 Bandung.




Cafe named Roemah Coffee is located at Jl. Canal Rancakendal No. 9 Upper Dago, Bandung. Roemah Coffee is a coffee that is fun and comfortable to be a place to hang out. The cafe is the concept of Indonesia's classical interior of the house is not like the usual cafe. Roemah Coffee itself is ordinary residential houses were transformed into a cafe and hangout make visitors feel like home.

there are various kinds of coffee menu into a menu mainstay. As the name suggests, this coffee Roemah provide a wide range of coffee beverages in Indonesia, such as java, Lampung, Kopi Luwak, and other typical Indonesian coffee. In addition, there are also drink coffee out of a menu, such as various juices, coffee mix, and so forth.

For visitors who want to fill the stomach, Roemah coffee also provides a wide variety of foods, such as fried rice, rice smoke, various processed meat, seafood menu, western, and much more. All food and beverage menu is priced at a starting price of Rp 12,000.

For visitors who want to feel the sensation of romantic and different from this place, Roemah Coffee is open from 11:00 until pkl pkl 23.00. When the evening, visitors should bring a jacket or sweater to keep warm, as cold weather in the region is very feel cold when night falls.




other exotic romantic café is Café D'Pakar Bandung. This café was recently opened and is still fairly new café. However, despite that does not mean the empty café. Every day is always a lot of visitors who come and meet the place.

The place is located not far from Tahura Dago, making the landscape around the Café D'Experts are very cool and natural. Café this one has the choice of places for visitors to enjoy the dishes ordered, the outdoor or indoor.

To enjoy the outdoor space, visitors must book a minimum food menu Rp 25,000 per person with a capacity of 6 people. For indoor themselves, Café D'Expert's manager wants his place is free from tobacco smoke. If visitors want to smoke, are encouraged to be outdoors and do not dispose of cigarette litter anywhere.

For food menu, Café D 'this expert membandrol all menus ranging from Rp 15,000 to Rp. 30,000. Many food menu available, such as boiled noodles, Banana Cheese, Toast, Potatoes, Chicken Rice Penyet, Fried Rice, and others. For the drinks menu itself, the price is priced starting from Rp 7,000 to Rp 17,000.

For visitors who want to enjoy the natural atmosphere romantic and exotic Cef D'experts, can follow directions to Tahura or Forest Park Ir. H. Juanda, Dago Pakar Bandung. Tahura of the gate, continue on to find the fork, then choose the road toward the right.

After following the direction of the path, visitors will pass through a housing complex that will lead visitors to the forest area. Not far from the region, there is a house with an open fence on the left, which is the location of Café D'Pakar are romantic and exotic.

Intrigued by the natural beauty of the café Area? Please visit the romantic café. Opening hours Café D'Expert is open from Tuesday to Friday pkl 12:00 to 18:00 and on Saturday & Sunday pkl 9:00 to 18:00 pm.



1. White Crater Ciwidey


Located in Ciwidey , about 50 KM south of Bandung , Ciwidey White Crater is one of the tourist attractions in bandung  are the most popular , especially among nature lovers . White crater Ciwidey , as the name suggests is a volcanic crater with white colored soil . The white color is due to the sulfur content contained in the soil . The main uniqueness of white crater is the water ever-changing colors.


2. Tangkuban perahu mountain


Located approximately 20 kilometers north of the city of Bandung , Tangkuban Perahu volcano is located in Lembang . The uniqueness of Mount Maras is a shape which resembles an upturned boat , according to the legend that says that Mount Maras came from a boat that was kicked up upside down by Sangkuriang . Mount Maras is a natural tourist spot that has become one of the tourist spots in Singapore 's most famous .

3. Trans Studio Bandung


Trans Studio Bandung is a tourist area located recreation games merge with Trans Studio Mall ( formerly named Bandung Super Mall ) . In simple , Trans Studio Bandung is Dufan indoor version . Trans Studio Bandung is one of the regions largest indoor games in the world with more than 20 types of games are exciting. The admission price is 150,000 Rupiah ( Monday to Friday ) , and 250,000 rupiah on Saturday and Sunday . Besides fused to the mall , Bandung Trans Studio also integrates with 2 international class hotel so as not to bother if you want to stay

4. Curug Dago


Curug Dago is a waterfall located in District Coblong , Dago , Bandung . Curug Dago waterfall is not very high , only about 10 meters high , but hidden waterfall is very beautiful and interesting to see. Curug Dago not too well known in the ears of tourists , but no one tried to come to Curug Dago .


5. Gedung Sate


Historic sites that became the pride of Bandung is a unique building that is both timeless and irreplaceable . The historic building which was established in 1920 this is a building that became the main feature of the capital of West Java . Skewers that were on top of the tower that inspired the idea of ​​the name of the building which is now the administrative center of the region. Many tourists who come and take pictures with background Lanmark city's government offices . The best angle if you take pictures from Gasibu field located in front of this beautiful and popular building

6. Boscha Observatory


Observatory is an observation point star located in Lembang , approximately 15 kilometers north of the city of Bandung . If the first you ever watched the movie " The Adventures of Sherina " then you will feel familiar with this place , because the observatory is one of the shooting locations of the film. If you wish to visit the observatory , you have to register first , could not directly come and go just like that .

7. Lake Situ Patengang


Situ lake located not far from the White crater Ciwidey , South Bandung . Only about 7 KM from tourist attractions White Crater Lake Situ visited by tourists because of the view of the exotic . In addition to enjoying the lake view while picnic , you can also play water boat on Lake Situ


8. Bandung Zoo


Bandung Zoo , located near the ITB may not be the primary choice for jakarta tourists because there was a zoo also, but if you have small children there is nothing wrong if try a visit to Bandung Zoo because usually the kids really like to see the animals . In addition to functioning as a tourist in Bandung , the zoo also serves as a place to gain knowledge about the animals. The admission price Bandung Zoo is not expensive , only 20,000 rupiah per person .

9. Hot Ciater


Hot Ciater is one of the tourist attractions in Singapore are the most visited by tourists because in addition to functioning as a means of recreation , Hot Ciater also influence your health . Located about 30 KM north of the city of Bandung , Hot Ciater source comes from an active crater at Mount Maras . Ciater soak in the sulfur water is perfect for those of you who want to rest for a moment .

10. Rumah Mode  factory outlet


Fashion House is the name of the most famous factory outlets in Bandung . Located at Jalan Setiabudi , Rumah Mode factory outlet is the largest , most complete , and the busiest in Bandung . Fashion shopping atmosphere in the house is very comfortable and clean , so it is suitable for those who like shopping . The goods offered in Home Mode ie clothing , shoes, handbags , and other things that smell fashion . Most of the items in Home Mode is scrap export so that you get with a relatively cheap price .

11. Saung Angklung Udjo


Saung Angklung Udjo is an arts and cultural venue that is instructive . By visiting Saung Angklung Udjo we will be more familiar with the art and culture Sundanese musical instrument made ​​of bamboo . As the name implies , Saung Angklung Udjo focusing on cultural preservation angklung now beginning to be forgotten . The event can be viewed at Saung Angklung Udjo is a puppet show , helaran , mask dance and angklung orchestra . Every afternoon at Saung Angklung Udjo always held regular art performances .

12. Bandung Geology Museum


Bandung Geology Museum is a museum located in Jalan Diponegoro , close to Gedung Sate . Looking like a museum , the Geological Museum of Bandung is the source of knowledge which is suitable for children . Aside from being a source of knowledge , Bandung Geology Museum is also very fun for children because here they can see dinosaur fossils .


13. Paskal Food Market


Paskal Food Market adalah tempat wisata di Bandung favorit saya. Paskal Food Market merupakan pusat wisata kuliner bandung dengan jumlah kios makanan yang sangat banyak. Dengan lebih dari 1,000 menu makanan dan minuman, Paskal Food Market adalah pusat kuliner terbesar di Bandung. Paskal Food Market berlokasi di Jalan Pasir Kaliki.

14. Dago Pakar hill


Dago Pakar is one of the tourist areas of bandung city that the actual nature named Forest Park Ir . H. Juanda . The forest area is located in North Bandung and is suitable for family recreational purpose , beside super exotic Bukit Bintang. Here we will see different species of trees , enjoy a very cool air , as well as visit some historic sites , such as caves and cave Japan Netherlands which is a relic of colonial times .